by Billy Lawler

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Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Billy Lawler will release his debut EP, Nostalgic, on June 24. Nostalgic features a selection of elegant ballads and catchy soulful pop songs with poignant, relatable lyrics that provoke nostalgia towards many significant “firsts” of early adulthood - first love, loss, outgrowing friendships, and heartbreak. Written over the course of seven years, the five songs on Nostalgic represent the period of time that straddles post-teenage years and adulthood.

Nostalgic follows Billy’s December release of the EP’s first single, "Casualty," a heart-wrenching breakup ballad. An impressive collection of songs that showcase his unique, soulful pop style, Nostalgic features the upbeat tracks "Trampolines" and "Start Over," the lyrically profound "Those Who Never Spoke," and the moving ballad "31 Days."


released June 24, 2016

Music and Lyrics written by Billy Lawler
All songs Produced by Catharine Wood, Planetwood Productions, Los Angeles
All songs Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Catharine Wood

Vocals and Piano – Billy Lawler
Guitar – Luis Nariño (Tracks 1, 3)
B3 Organ – Stacey Ulmer (Tracks 1, 3)
Sequencing--Catharine Wood (Tracks 2, 3, 4)
Violin – Alyson Montez (Tracks 2, 4)
Cello – Elizabeth Glinn (Tracks 2, 4)
Drums – Jen Schwartz (Tracks 1, 3, 5)
Additional Drums--Catharine Wood (Track 3)
Bass – Catharine Wood (Tracks 1, 3, 5)

Photo and Design by Sonia Nuño

Management – Katie Kerins

Produced by Catharine Wood
All songs Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at the Planetwood Productions studio, Los Angeles, CA.
© ℗ 2016 WPL Music, All Rights Reserved.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Billy Lawler Los Angeles, California

Described as a passionate artist who writes profound, soulful pop music, up-and-coming Los Angeles singer-songwriter Billy Lawler echoes the pure emotion of Donny Hathaway with a voice comparable to Sam Smith's. Inspired by everything from Motown and early R&B to 90s alternative rock, neo-soul, and pop, Billy creates an identifiable and unexpected sound. ... more

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Track Name: Trampolines
Hear me out
Should this be the last attempt I make
To relive those older summer days
Sit with me for old time’s sake
Remember when
Our guard was down
The music played so loud
And we’re singin’ every line to “Morotcycle Drive By”

And my memory is outlined
By trampolines under blue skies
Playgrounds in the late nights
In soft hues, your brown eyes

Remember when I was the one
Remember those days of being young
I’d swear the world was at our feet
Do you remember?
There’s only love in my heart
And I wish that you could set me free
There’ll never be two like us, to me
That’s the story of us…

I could not help but resurrect
Nothing has died
But time was spent
Sitting, waiting, and wondering where you’ve been
Hey, remember when
The sun could never die?
The season kept us ripe
And we’re making up new lines to “Adam’s Song”



Those underwater pictures
Cast blurry white figures
After finding the lakeside
In weeds standing knee-high
Making light of religion
Sarcastic division
Making criminal decisions
And we called it good living

Track Name: 31 Days
I was born dead
Days before July
Said to myself,
“Love is cruel and unkind.”
I was a man
Grown tired of a fight
Crawled out of Hell
And into this bed
Where you brought me to life

So I was born again
In the arms of the night
An angel’s delivering
In September’s disguise
You breathed new life in me
And you cured the blind
When you were kissing me
Under October’s night
You brought me to life

For 31 days
I’ve been awake
And it’s how I’ll remain
‘til life’s taken away
And should you feel a change
Come the November rain
Know you’re beautiful anyway
You’re beautiful anyway

Cause I was a man
Who was facing defeat
You held my hand
Like a secret to keep
For 31 days
My heart’s had a beat
Since I crawled out of Hell
And into this bed
Where life brought you to me
Track Name: Start Over
Maybe just one second
Or two, to hesitate
No more second guessin’
I’ve lost this game and can’t let go
I have a real job, but I’m broke
Cause I’m so alone
I spent my heart on love
Like it was foolish gold
You said, “Making some mistakes is fine,
It’s that time in life, and you won’t always get it right.”

Maybe I’ll start drinkin’
Pick up a real addiction
If love’s just a decision
Then I’m giving up on dreamin’

I’ve come upon a crossroads
I know that we ain’t getting younger
Can we start over?
We are just twenty years young
But I’m just now through with love
Can we start over, can we start over?

Maybe just a minute
Or two, to think this through
Now we’re way too deep in this
I hurt myself by hurting you
We had it good until I spoke
And then when we broke
You faced the truth and now I can’t hurt you
You said, “Taking chances is okay,
You will find your way, but this will never be the same.”


Track Name: Those Who Never Spoke
I pictured you
Seeing you
Holding you
Just knowing you
And I could cry from love I grew, for you
Perfection’s what I never knew
But perfect’s how I pictured…

You were too good for this place
And as long as we live you won’t be erased
We can try to play God, but God don’t play
And I hope that they’re watching me now,
Cause I’m speaking up for those who never spoke

We didn’t deserve you
The world is a place where mothers choose for you
Well, maybe to take your life was her way of saving you
Yet there was a purpose you’d have served
Given life, given birth
Only God knows if you felt, or if it hurt


See, you would’ve been life’s best struggle
To behold the beauty in every stumble
And some say age is nothing but a number
But seventeen is too young to be a mother

Track Name: Casualty
The words that you said
Surely I can comprehend
They're blurring and they bend
The lines between lovers and friends...
You give then you take
This circle is our favorite shape
We're begging to escape
It's here we spin anyway...

You said you're a dancer
But you never danced for me
You act like my lover
You'll never be in love with me
You spoke like a preacher
And made a believer out of me
You're just a fighter
And I'm just your casualty

Who you left here to watch you leave
Who you left here to watch you leave

My favorite mistake
Was giving you my heart to break
It never beats the same
Cause yours was one to never claim


I can't explain why I can't stay, why I can't leave
My pride and my pain will surely be the end of me
Would you take the blame, the one I love, my enemy?
Cause you own self-hate, maybe even more than me
And now love is stained, feeding insecurity
But don't be afraid of anything the world will think
Cause when love's this great
There's endless possibility
And that's why I'll wait
Like there's no time....


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